Hmong WoW: Tshuab Hlwb Hlau

The Hmong Word of the Week is “tshuab hlwb hlau.”

This is a Hmong word for “computer.” It is a made-up word based on the idea behind “computer.” Translated literally, it means “machine brain metal,” or “metal brain machine,” for the adjective follows the noun, or noun clause, in Hmong. It takes the classifier “lub.”

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Hmong WoW: Noj Tsiab Peb Caug

The Hmong “Word of the Week” is “Noj Tsiab Peb Caug.”

Obviously, this is not just one word, but it is one idea. It means “to celebrate New Year’s,” but literally translated, it would be “to eat the New Year’s feast.” “Noj” is “to eat,” “Tsiab” is the feast, and “peb caug,” which means “thirty,” refers to the 30th day of the lunar month after completing the rice harvest. That day is considered to be the last day of the old year and the beginning of the new.

Hmong Girls at New Year's, by John Pavelka
Hmong Girls at New Year’s, by John Pavelka

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