Happy Bissextus Day!

In case you’re having dirty thoughts, “Bissextus Day” is the fancy word for the 29th of February, the day added to the Gregorian calendar every fourth year to compensate for the difference between the common 365-day year and the actual length of the solar year. A leap year is also called “bissextile.”

“Leap Year,” Lisa Suender, Flickr

In Other News

I’m actively reading the following books, all of which I recommend:

  • Dark Watch and Other Mormon-American Stories by William Morris
  • The Evening and the Morning by Virginia Sorensen
  • Nothing Very Important and Other Stories by Béla Petsco
  • About Writing by Samuel R. Delany

I’m also working on a short story and an outline for a novel. The short story is for entry into an anthology of Alternate Mormon History. The deadline is March 19th. Good luck to me.

The novel, well, I don’t want to talk about it yet. But it has a little Hmong, a little Mormon, a little of everything wrapped up in it.

Well, I better post this before my Bissextus Day runs out.

Featured Photo by Gratisography.

If you’re a writer, what are you working on? If a reader, what are you reading?



Utah is a fine place to grow old together, she said. It’s secure. In the darkness, they were rounding the Point of the Mountain when the lights of the valley floor rolled into view, and she said that. They had just come from attending a session at the Draper temple, because the one nearest them was closed for cleaning. Gripping the wheel, he felt his wanderlust well up. Visions of traveling the world, expatriating to further his career, serving a mission in a foreign land faded in and out just beyond the focus of his headlights. Nothing is so settled in life, he thought, as God’s unsettling a contented life. So much can happen in so few years. Disease, disaster, death. They descended into the valley homeward. He couldn’t decide whether the dark mountains on all sides kept the World out or walled them in Zion, but he reached for her hand, squeezed it, and said, Yes, it’s secure.