• “Moving On” in Dialogue—A Journal of Mormon Thought, Volume 47, Number 3, Fall 2014.
  • “Cocked” on Amazon, April 2014 (Finally!) Buy now! Learn more about it below and in the post “‘Cocked’ Has Flown the Coop.”
  • “Shee Yee’s Leap” in Paj Ntaub Voice: Visions for the Future, 2001, Volume 8, Number 1 | epub | mobi (This was my first story in a literary magazine that wasn’t a university publication. Unfortunately, Paj Ntaub Voice is no longer publishing and the issue my story appeared in seems to be the only issue you can’t find online.)
  • “Egyptian Dance” and “The Sentence” in Touchstones, Fall 1997, Volume 1, Number 1