No Sacred Grove

SacredGrove - Ken Lund - Flickr

This will be (I hope) my debut Mormon-themed novel. I’ve worked on parts of it, kernels you might say, for several years, but have only recently started piecing things together into a narrative.

One of the threads is that, despite valid reasons not to believe, a young Mormon learns to exercise faith that there is something beyond sensory experience, and that just as real, as he seeks authenticity, overcomes his doubts, and falls in love during his junior year of high school.

Meh. Maybe.

There’s also something about a middle-aged man recollecting or re-creating (his memories) to rediscover the roots of his testimony. Dante calling, as Virgil called him.

Aha. The Tree of Utah will figure in somewhere.

Tree of Utah
“Tree of Utah,” Robert Montgomery, Flickr

Currently, I’m 15,000 words into this draft. And since I so hate word counts on projects like this, what you may get in the future is, “I’m working on it, dangnabit.” Cheesy grin.

Featured Photo credit: “Sacred Grove,” Ken Lund,